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RESULT< bool > CCore::AddAdditionalListener ( unsigned short  Port,
const char *  BindAddress = NULL,
bool  SSL = false 


Creates an additional socket listener.

Port the port for the listener
BindAddress bind address (can be NULL)
SSL whether to use SSL

Definition at line 2185 of file Core.cpp.

References additionallistener_s::BindAddress, GetSSLContext(), additionallistener_s::Listener, additionallistener_s::ListenerV6, Log(), m_AdditionalListeners, additionallistener_s::Port, additionallistener_s::SSL, and UpdateAdditionalListeners().

Referenced by InitializeAdditionalListeners(), and CClientConnection::ProcessBncCommand().

      additionallistener_t AdditionalListener;
      CClientListener *Listener, *ListenerV6;

      for (unsigned int i = 0; i < m_AdditionalListeners.GetLength(); i++) {
            if (m_AdditionalListeners[i].Port == Port) {
                  THROW(bool, Generic_Unknown, "This port is already in use.");

      if (GetSSLContext() == NULL) {
            THROW(bool, Generic_Unknown, "Failed to create an SSL listener because there is no SSL server certificate.");

      Listener = new CClientListener(Port, NULL, BindAddress, AF_INET, SSL);

      if (Listener == NULL || !Listener->IsValid()) {
            delete Listener;

            if (SSL) {
                  Log("Failed to create additional SSL listener on port %d.", Port);
                  THROW(bool, Generic_OutOfMemory, "Failed to create additional SSL listener on that port.");
            } else {
                  Log("Failed to create additional listener on port %d.", Port);
                  THROW(bool, Generic_OutOfMemory, "Failed to create additional listener on that port.");

      ListenerV6 = new CClientListener(Port, NULL, BindAddress, AF_INET6, SSL);

      if (ListenerV6 == NULL || !ListenerV6->IsValid()) {
            delete ListenerV6;
            ListenerV6 = NULL;

      AdditionalListener.Port = Port;

      if (BindAddress != NULL) {
            AdditionalListener.BindAddress = strdup(BindAddress);
      } else {
            AdditionalListener.BindAddress = NULL;

      AdditionalListener.SSL = SSL;
      AdditionalListener.Listener = Listener;
      AdditionalListener.ListenerV6 = ListenerV6;



      if (!SSL) {
            Log("Created additional listener on port %d.", Port);
      } else {
            Log("Created additional SSL listener on port %d.", Port);

      RETURN(bool, true);

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