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CUser Class Reference

#include <User.h>

Inheritance diagram for CUser:

CZoneObject< CUser, 128 > CPersistable

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Detailed Description


A bouncer user.

Definition at line 121 of file User.h.

Public Member Functions

bool AddClientCertificate (const X509 *Certificate)
void AddClientConnection (CClientConnection *Client, bool Silent=false)
void Attach (CClientConnection *Client)
bool CheckPassword (const char *Password) const
 CUser (const char *Name, safe_box_t Box)
bool FindClientCertificate (const X509 *Certificate) const
const char * FormatTime (time_t Timestamp, const char *Format=NULL) const
bool GetAppendTimestamp (void)
const char * GetAutoModes (void) const
const char * GetAwayMessage (void) const
const char * GetAwayNick (void) const
const char * GetAwayText (void) const
safe_box_t GetBox (void)
const char * GetChannelSortMode (void) const
const CVector< X509 * > * GetClientCertificates (void) const
CClientConnectionGetClientConnectionMultiplexer (void)
CVector< client_t > * GetClientConnections (void)
const CTrafficStatsGetClientStats (void) const
CConfigGetConfig (void)
const char * GetConfigChannels (void) const
int GetDelayJoin (void) const
const char * GetDropModes (void) const
int GetGmtOffset (void) const
const char * GetIdent (void) const
bool GetIPv6 (void) const
CIRCConnectionGetIRCConnection (void)
const CTrafficStatsGetIRCStats (void) const
unsigned int GetIRCUptime (void) const
CKeyringGetKeyring (void)
time_t GetLastSeen (void) const
unsigned int GetLeanMode (void)
CLogGetLog (void)
const char * GetNick (void) const
int GetPort (void) const
CClientConnectionGetPrimaryClientConnection (void)
const char * GetRealname (void) const
const char * GetServer (void) const
const char * GetServerPassword (void) const
bool GetSSL (void) const
const char * GetSuspendReason (void) const
bool GetSystemNotices (void) const
int GetTagInteger (const char *Tag) const
const char * GetTagName (int Index) const
const char * GetTagString (const char *Tag) const
bool GetUseQuitReason (void)
const char * GetUsername (void) const
const char * GetVHost (void) const
const CZone< CUser, HunkSize > * GetZone (void)
bool IsAdmin (void) const
bool IsIpBlocked (sockaddr *Peer) const
bool IsLocked (void) const
int IsQuitted (void) const
bool IsRegisteredClientConnection (CClientConnection *Client)
void LoadEvent (void)
void Lock (void)
void Log (const char *Format,...)
void LogBadLogin (sockaddr *Peer)
void MarkQuitted (bool RequireManualJump=false)
bool MemoryAddBytes (size_t Bytes)
size_t MemoryGetLimit (void)
mmanager_t * MemoryGetManager (void)
size_t MemoryGetSize (void)
virtual bool MemoryIsLimitExceeded (void)
void MemoryRemoveBytes (size_t Bytes)
void operator delete (void *Object)
void * operator new (size_t Size, CMemoryManager *Manager) throw ()
void * operator new (size_t Size) throw ()
void Reconnect (void)
bool RemoveClientCertificate (const X509 *Certificate)
void RemoveClientConnection (CClientConnection *Client, bool Silent=false)
void ScheduleReconnect (int Delay=10)
void SetAdmin (bool Admin=true)
void SetAppendTimestamp (bool Value)
void SetAutoModes (const char *AutoModes)
void SetAwayMessage (const char *Text)
void SetAwayNick (const char *Nick)
void SetAwayText (const char *Reason)
void SetChannelSortMode (const char *Mode)
void SetConfigChannels (const char *Channels)
void SetDelayJoin (int DelayJoin)
void SetDropModes (const char *DropModes)
void SetGmtOffset (int Offset)
void SetIdent (const char *Ident)
void SetIPv6 (bool IPv6)
void SetIRCConnection (CIRCConnection *IRC)
void SetLeanMode (unsigned int Mode)
void SetNick (const char *Nick)
void SetPassword (const char *Password)
void SetPort (int Port)
void SetRealname (const char *Realname)
void SetServer (const char *Server)
void SetServerPassword (const char *Password)
void SetSSL (bool SSL)
void SetSuspendReason (const char *Reason)
void SetSystemNotices (bool SystemNotices)
bool SetTagInteger (const char *Tag, int Value)
bool SetTagString (const char *Tag, const char *Value)
void SetUseQuitReason (bool Value)
void SetVHost (const char *VHost)
bool ShouldReconnect (void) const
void Simulate (const char *Command, CClientConnection *FakeClient=NULL)
const char * SimulateWithResult (const char *Command)
void Unlock (void)
virtual ~CUser (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static void RescheduleReconnectTimer (void)

Protected Member Functions

void SetBox (safe_box_t Box)

Private Member Functions

void BadLoginPulse (void)
 CACHE (User) m_ConfigCache
bool PersistCertificates (void)

Private Attributes

CVector< badlogin_tm_BadLogins
CVector< X509 * > m_ClientCertificates
CVector< client_t > m_Clients
time_t m_LastReconnect
size_t m_ManagedMemory
mmanager_t * m_MemoryManager
char * m_Name
time_t m_ReconnectTime


bool BadLoginTimer (time_t Now, void *User)
class CCore
bool UserReconnectTimer (time_t Now, void *User)

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